The New Science of Social Endocrinology

Research on biological and hormonal bases of leadership is per se not a new phenomenon. Psychologists like Eysenck have postulated behavioral correlates of specific hormonal and biological profiles since the the 1960s. What is new is  that this science of „social endocrinology“ is gaining ground and developing more mature theories apart from the well known „testosterone bully“ and a single focus on aggression research.

Over time the body of literature has evolved beyond simple hypotheses into more complex models that take into account situational cues and the interaction of different hormonal systems (thus, the social in „social endocrinology“).

Additionally, it certainly has been helpful that hormonal status evaluation kits – still no cheap research area – have become more and more accessible. What was missing until recently were „easier“ applications of the respective models for leadership practice. One of the first of these you will find in the comprehensive study by Diana Derval and Johan BremerHormones, Talent and Career„.

Better apprehensible that the usual science talk-heavy research paper the authors might be especially credited for the first attempt to measure what they call in obvious analogy your „hormonal quotient„. This kind of a personality type-test is based on correlates of hormonal profiles. In other words: apart from age, gender etc. the core measurement of the „test“ is the proportion of the lengths of your index and ring fingers!

The authors claim that their analysis is based on thousands of data internationally, but curently this suggestion cannot be corroborated externally.

Well, if you are interested in your „hormonal quotient“, check it out for yourself!

And, if you are interested to dig deeper into the new science of social endocrinology, have at look at enclosed research article, retrieved for free from the author’s website: mehta_josephs_SE-vj9pwc.


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