Quantified self: another try with MEIT

MEIT“ or „Mobile Emotional Intelligence Test“ is another app that claims to be an „ability test where the user must find out what emotion is presented and locate their emotions in terms of activation and pleasure. MEIT combines static pictures and animations that provide greater realism and entertainment“ (source: web presence).

I have been made aware of the test by a (rather uninformative) TIME magazine-piece and a skeptical comment by Daniel Goleman on Linkedin, possibly in part due to the fact that MEIT refers to an alternative model of emotional intelligence.

  • To dive right into the topic: what I like strongly about MEIT is the presentation: the app shines, when looking at the different ways you are asked to provide your evaluation and I would hope that every online-test developer knows what you can currently do in terms of mobile assessment made user-friendly (… and what is demonstrated in this app).
  • Furthermore – really not bad for the scientific state of many apps presented as „psychological apps“ – there even is a reference to the above mentioned EI-model, although it is difficult to assess right now, how much „Mayer-Salovey-Caruso“ really is behind the software.
  • Well, there is a not-so-bright side as well and some things, I really don’t like about the app! To start with, I don’t like sloppy documentation: „more than 1.000 users to develop the app“ is – for my taste – way too unprecise.
  • Again, I come from an age of personalized science: „Emotional Apps is a spin-off enterprise headed by experts in Psychology and Emotional Intelligence, and Computer Science and mobile development, we are physically located in Castellón (Spain), close to the beach, you know, sun means energy!“ I would have been even more interested in getting to know people and their merits than a weather-report as introduction … .
  • Finally, there is the old question of „Cui bono?“ that haunts so many apps: what the heck are these guys doing with all the data they are gathering by use of this free app? A little bit more clarity could have helped.

To sum it up: this might become interesting, if we only had a little bit more background details at hand. Guys, I really would like to get to you know better: more people, less sunshine!


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