LeaderAmp: an e-coaching app to be on your watchlist

While LeaderAmp’s original Indiegogo campaign wasn’t particularly successful, the startup’s developers and psychologists have continued their efforts and just released their app for IOS and Android:

„LeaderAmp’s application is an extension part of an integrated solution to grow leaders with the latest science and technology. It includes self and multisource (360) assessments, daily digital eCoaching and journaling supported by weekly group coaching facilitated by expert leadership coaches. The application is free of charge for all LeaderAmp’s customers.

The application’s approach is unique in that we make your development as a leader “come alive” every day on your smartphone, with the latest science from psychology and business. Initially, the system performs a computer-adaptive self-assessment. After reviewing your results, you can select an area to grow and select the time of day/night you would like your personalized eCoaching, and reminders to jot down the lessons you’ve learned to deepen your learning. Uniquely, we have made it easy for you to self-manage the processing of your feedback from your stakeholders using our automated multisource (360) survey. LeaderAmp is the only solution in the industry with engineering-worthy measurements that are as precise, and accurate as possible.

Every week, you’ll have an opportunity to get peer coaching through LeaderAmp’s digital community; and weekly group coaching to provide perspective, answer questions, and celebrate progress. Every quarter, we’ll re-measure you only on the areas you were working to develop. In the end, the LeaderAmp solution improves your odds of development, with demonstrable evidence, than any other solution available today.“ (source: description of IOS-app)

While the descriptions is in fact promising (not all claims are easy to be verified, but the research part of the website sounds reliable) for an e-coaching tools that wants to be taken serious, the app so far for me delivers the promises in terms of operational ease and functionality.

You might want to check it out yourself!


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