New data on health-promotion available: 5 year mortality predictors for a large UK-sample

Have a look at a current Lancet-study (funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and the Swedish Research Council) that looks at easily available health-indicators and their predictive power (in a UK-sample):

„About 500 000 participants were included in the UK Biobank. We excluded participants with more than 80% variables missing (n=746). Of 498 103 UK Biobank participants included (54% of whom were women) aged 37–73 years, 8532 (39% of whom were women) died during a median follow-up of 4·9 years (IQR 4·33–5·22). Self-reported health (C-index including age 0·74 [95% CI 0·73–0·75]) was the strongest predictor of all-cause mortality in men and a previous cancer diagnosis (0·73 [0·72–0·74]) was the strongest predictor of all-cause mortality in women. When excluding individuals with major diseases or disorders (Charlson comorbidity index >0; n=355 043), measures of smoking habits were the strongest predictors of all-cause mortality. The prognostic score including 13 self-reported predictors for men and 11 for women achieved good discrimination (0·80 [0·77–0·83] for men and 0·79 [0·76–0·83] for women) and significantly outperformed the Charlson comorbidity index (p<0·0001 in men and p=0·0007 in women). A dedicated website allows the interactive exploration of all results along with calculation of individual risk through an online questionnaire.“ (Summary)

Find the full text here!

By the way, two more tools by the authors can be accessed through this link as well. At least, their „UbbLE Risk Calculator“ might come out as the slightly more controversial one, as it aims to provide you with some individual life expectancy data for yourself!


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